Brand Stories

We don’t do “branded content”.

You don’t go to the cinema to watch content, you don’t talk to your mates about that great new content series on Netflix.

You talk about shows and films, about the emotional connection you have with a story or character.

We think the word “content” commoditises story into something that a marketing exec can justify along with analytics and ROI to the senior management.

“Content” is the antithesis of story.

As documentary filmmakers, we bring a unique set of skills to the table where we put story first and everything else second. At the end of the day people remember and fall in love with a great story, the brand should come second, third or even not at all. The main thing is you need to connect with your audience and build trust.

If it’s a great story, people will know who’s behind it.

As documentary filmmakers and storytellers first (and with decades of experience in marketing and branding we can see right through a “branded content” campaign) we work with your company to find stories that align with your brand values, whether it’s a biographical piece or a larger story we’ll only take on projects where we think it will resonate emotionally with the viewer, and really has the potential to alter the perception of your brand in a truly positive way.

And build that trust.

Want to know how this works? Contact us and we can meet for a chat over coffee – it’s where we’ve found all of our best partnerships have begun.

The film below is an example of a documentary style shoot for the largest port operator in Scotland, Forth Ports. Conceived, produced, directed and shot by us, with a script by the port, this shoot comprised extensive filming with an arsenal of cameras, both on the ground and in the air. In Edinburgh, Grangemouth and Dundee as well as at Tilbury along the Thames.

The key approach we took was to bring the human element alive within the brand.

An amazing piece of work professionally executed across multiple busy port operations on Land, Sea and in the air!  It was an absolute pleasure to work with Matt and Barry over several months on this project. They integrated and worked across all our teams safely, creatively and collaboratively  to fully execute and deliver on our Net Zero Film brief. The end result – a beautifully designed and phenomenal piece of work capturing the very essence of what we set out to achieve.

Rob Mason BSc (Hons) MRICS |Senior Business, Development and Strategy Manager | Forth Ports Ltd